Thursday, July 1, 2010

It is Not All About The Beach: Mississippi Events | Trifter

It is Not All About The Beach: Mississippi Events

While people might not want to visit gulf coastal areas because the beaches are closed or they are fearful of open beach water being polluted, there are many other exciting events and attractions in or near coastal towns aside from beaches. Thousands of businesses from travel agencies, hotels and restaurants…to casinos, gas stations, and shopping outlets are all dependent on tourism. These businesses make up a large percentage of coastal employment.

I am from Mississippi. So, I would like to draw some attention to the other activities going on in South and Central Mississippi! Read about the upcoming events here-


Velvet Over Steel said...

Great post and reminder that there is so much more to do in the areas! My oldest son went to college in Ruston, LA & spent many weekends down by the golf. I don't think any of his 1000's of pictures are even of the beach. That's not his thing. But events, concerts, restaurants, etc. sure are! I hope and pray for people to visit & support these areas too!

JamaGenie said...

Years ago, I visited the Gulf twice, even stayed in a Holiday Inn in Biloxi across the road from the beach and never stuck so much as a toe in the water. Sure found plenty of other things to do tho, so oil on the beaches shouldn't keep others from doing likewise. Thank you for the reminder!