Monday, May 24, 2010

13-year-old Thad Phillips Escaped 43 Hours of Bone Breaking

I was surfing the T.V. for something…anything to watch last night. Just as I was about to decide there was nothing worth watching, I ended up finding something on Discovery. It was a series called “Escaped. ” The specific episode was titled, “Torture in Suburbia.”

I guess because of my love of the news and reporting true and weird crime, nothing seems to shock me anymore. It seems someone is always abusing, killing, or hurting someone else. However, this show, “Torture in Suburbia,” managed to shock me. It went beyond any imaginable wrong that one human can do to another.

I honestly do not know how Thad Phillips survived this torture to bring a killer to justice, but he did. I would like to remind readers that Thad Phillips story isn't just one of unimaginable horror. It is a story of the will to survive.  

Read about what happened to Thad Phillips and how he survived 43 hours under the brutal hands of a Joe Clark HERE


Debbie Dean said...

where was joe clarks parents during the 43 hours thad phillips was tortured??

Maria Whitehorn said...

I watched Thadius's story last night. The perpetrator does not deserve comment. Thadius is a monument to a survivor, he proves good wins in the end. I want him to know that from afar he has people who now love and support him. He is amazing, Bless him. We hope his life is good.

Anonymous said...

God love you Thad