Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glenn Beck and His 9/12 Project

"This past Friday Mr. Beck announced his 9/12 project. The point of the project begins by looking at 9/10, and then discovering how to get back to the way Americans felt on 9/12. On 9/10 life was normal and partisan politics was alive and kicking. On 9/11 Americans were hysterical, and no one knew what to do. But, by 9/12 no one had to tell Americans what to do. We sat aside our politics, religion, skin color, etc.. and “just did it.” Americans gave everything they could from their blood, money, and time. So, the main point of the project is to bring America out of divisiveness and back to working together for a common purpose….our freedom and prosperity. 9/10 can be compared to pre-economic crisis, 9/11 as today, and 9/12 as what we do in the future....."

By: Jo Oliver

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