Monday, March 30, 2009

Why To Hate Twilight: Rebuttal


"This weekend the weather was bad and there was nothing on television. Therefore, I decided to rent the only thing that I hadn’t already seen on PPV. I was astounded at how wonderful the movie was, and immediately wanted to see what my fellow Triond writers thought of Twilight. Of course, I found tons of pro Twilight articles. However, I found one article, “Why To Hate Twilight” that was written to bash the Twilight series. The author composed 95 reasons to hate Twilight, most of which I adamantly disagree with. Some of the reasons were just too nonsensical to even address. Reasons like- because it is “stupid”, “dumb , and Harry Potter could beat the main Twilight character with his magic powers, etc… wasn’t worth my time and effort. So, I just picked a few out of the article to rebut here. All of the quotes were taken from Sarah Rebeccas’ "Why To Hate Twilight" article here.

Bella is a perfect character (“Mary Sue”) that Meyer hides by calling her clumsy.”

1. Bella is not a perfect character. She comes from a broken home, hasn’t seen her father in years, and she is shy and awkward. The idea that she is a perfect character is clearly negated by the mere fact that she attempts suicide. Perfect people would never feel so unworthy of life....."

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