Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nadya Suleman: The Lies and Fraud of Octuplet Mom

"...Welfare Mom Or Not?
First of all, Nadya doesn’t have a job. She told Ann Curry that for the last ten years she has been living off of $168,000 dollars worth of disability payments totaling $168,000 and around $50,000 in student loans. She adamantly denied any welfare assistance. IShortly afterwards, the media reported that Nadya Suleman receives $490.00 a month in food stamps. Her publicist responded, "She (Nadya) doesn't regard that as welfare, but as payments available to people with needs." Ah….what does she think the definition of welfare is? Welfare, according to Encarta, is: “aid to people in need. Financial aid and other benefits for people who are unemployed, below a specific income level, or otherwise requiring assistance, especially when provided by a government agency or program.”
Secondly, Medi-Cal, California’s version of health care for the poor, paid for the prenatal care, the enormous cost of the birth, and will pay an estimated 1 million dollars for the eight infants neonatal intensive care unit stay. Of course, if there are any lasting medical conditions, diseases, or disorders Medi-Cal will also have to cover the treatment for those as well. Again, if this doesn’t classify as welfare, then what does?......"

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