Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mitt Romney Wins 2009 CPAC Straw Poll

The Republican party has finally realized, albeit a day late and a dollar short, that they strayed from their conservative base principles in 2008. It has also finally dawned on the party that the economy did, and will for several more years, overshadow all other issues.
I really do think the GOP is finally catching on. If the economy is the major issue….then you don’t nominate a candidate that 6 months prior to the nomination tells a newspaper “I am not an economy expert. I do not know anything about the economy; that is why I have advisors.” - like McCain did. Instead, you nominate a candidate that has spent his entire life engrossed in economics and has an actual working knowledge of economics.

In my opinion, the GOP had their perfect candidate in 2008, but was too worried whether or not he wore magic underwear.

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