Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lenders Not There When Needed

BY: Chloe Oliver

"....One day, I accompanied my mother to the pharmacy where she did business. As she attempted to place the needed items on her usual charge account there, the clerk stated that she was not sure if my mother could charge any more items until the balance was paid.
The clerk turned to ask the owner who was a few feet away working at the pharmacy cubicle. I heard the owner in a loud voice state that my mother could have anything in the store that she wanted and in any quantities that she needed. He also told the clerk not to ask him about this again.
My mother used this pharmacy for over 50 years. I have used them for more than 30 years. Naturally, I recommend the pharmacy to others. In my mother's declining years, she often stressed to be certain to pay any bill at the pharmacy upon her death. During the last year of my mother's life, her pharmacy bill averaged about $600 per month. I paid the bill.
Now, many Americans are facing difficult times. How have lenders and big business responded? They are so afraid of losing money that they are denying credit to those who need it most....."

Chloe Oliver is a monthly opinion page writer for the Hattiesburg American Newspaper

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