Friday, March 26, 2010

Al-Qaeda New Tactic -Use Boobies & Booties to Blow Stuff Up

Al-Qaeda New Tactic -Use Boobies & Booties to Blow Stuff Up

A few months ago I wrote a story about a teacher handing out porn to his students. Then, I recently wrote a story here about a 15-year-old child that was helped to get an abortion by her high school. The school put her in a taxi and sent her to planned parenthood, where she underwent a free abortion. Her parents were not informed that the girl was pregnant...much less sent to get an abortion...all during school hours.

While both of those stories were absolutely absurd to me, it really didn't shock me. People do stupid things under "good" pretenses all the time. However idiotic, indecent, and just plain morally wrong those involved in those incidences were, at least they can say they were not being malicious. They were doing those acts under the pretext of helping their students, not to hurt them.

Now, we get to a brand new news story. Al-Qaeda is now infamous for their brazen suicide bombing accomplishments and attempts. This behavior is also absurd to me, and just when I thought that I couldn't be shocked by what lengths these radical terrorists would go to blow up something, I am stunned. Unlike, the other stories, these terrorist are creating havoc for purely malicious reasons. Their entire being seems to surround creating hurt for others.

Just five ounces of PETN, an explosive, can bring down an airliner. We have all seen the news stories where Al-Qaeda terrorist strap this stuff to their body and try to blow everyone in radius up. America has took great lengths to make our airlines safe from these explosive devices. Now, female suicide bombers are being fitted with exploding breast implants and male terrorist are having explosives inserted into their buttocks. And, apparently, this new technique evades all routine safety precautions we have in place.

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