Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Guide To Losing A Job and Finding A Job

With so many people looking for such few available jobs, no one should be ashamed if they are having trouble navigating the employment labyrinth. This article will cover two parts: losing a job and finding a job.
Losing A Job

The Warning Signs:

The words “layoff” and “fired” generally send an employee into rage. So companies are becoming a little more stealth with their terming. By the time you hear this warning language around the water cooler it may be too late, but at least you will know that repositioning doesn’t mean you might be getting a raise and new office.

Smart sizing
Right sizing
Restructuring plan/ programming
Planned staffing reduction
Head-count reduction
Reduction of force
Global alignment/reduction of workforce
Aligning operations and resources

To finish reading about job loss and read the tips on getting a job: The Guide to Losing a Job and Finding a Job

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