Friday, March 26, 2010

World’s First Special Needs Amusement Park Will Open In Texas

Morgan's Wonderland

On April 10, 2010, a new amusement park will open in San Antonio, Texas. But, this isn’t just any amusement park; this amusement park will cater to special needs children and their families. Morgan’s Wonderland will be the first of it’s kind. It will be the first theme park to be fully wheelchair accessible.

I have to admit that I was in tears as I looked at the Morgan’s Wonderland website. I have strived to bombard my handicapped daughter with activities that other children without special needs are blessed with. Last year, we were on vacation in Gatlinburg. I paid $130.00 to carry my daughter to Ripley’s Aquarium. That was a lot of money for a place so packed that my daughter was being trampled in her wheelchair and couldn’t even get up to the tanks to see anything. One museum that we visited had a separate paths for wheelchairs, but it bypassed 90% of the activities. When I carry my child to the zoo, the wooden fences are directly in her eye line and the activities do not have any adaptations that would allow her to participate. Meanwhile, other parents and kids are looking at my daughter and I as if we just need to stay home.

I am so happy that there is finally a place like Morgan's Wonderland that is there for my daughter and other special needs children.

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